Electric FIAT 500s

Vintage charm combines with respect for the environment

In a worldwide exclusive for Bici&Baci, our vintage electric FIAT 500s, which have an electric engine, constitute an important step forward towards responsible eco-tourism. They are a way for us to contribute to the safeguarding of the irreplaceable environments of ancient Italian towns and city centres, and to offer eco-friendly forms of tourism.
In addition to the environmental benefits, the new tours in the electric fiat 500 offer innumerable advantages for tourists and an offer of unique and exclusive tours: for the first time after so many years, the fiat 500s will be able to return to the center of Rome at any time of day or nighteven in the event of traffic restrictions. A unique experience and the possibility to personalize your own itinerary thanks to the support and twenty years of experience of Bici&Baci.
You will be able to discover unique landscapes and reach unknown places, off the beaten track, enjoying the charm of Italian design combined with a silent and reliable last generation electric motor.

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