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Bici & Baci is a tourist agency based in Rome. We specialise in organising tours and renting out bicycles, electric vehicles, Vespa scooters and vintage bikes and cars. Launched in 1997 by our founder Claudio Sarra – a Rome native with a burning passion for Vespas – for over 20 years Bici & Baci has been at the forefront in offering tours and rental services for two-wheeled vehicles: we bring to bear all of our experience, creativity and passion to make the Roman Holiday of thousands of customers every year a truly unique, unforgettable experience.

We have always been a preferred partner for hotels, travel agencies, fashion houses and television production companies: our flexible, customised and highly professional service has enabled Bici & Baci to garner an enviable reputation as a valuable logistics partner when it comes to putting together unique experiences and exclusive events.

2016 saw the launch of the Eco-Division, which allows Bici & Baci to offer environmentally conscious customers a wide range of electrically powered two-wheelers, including e-bikes, electric scooters and Segway, as well as a fleet of vintage Fiat 500 retro-fitted with electric engines, which make it possible to organise tours in the heart of Rome even during the hours when the restricted-traffic area regulations are in force.

To guarantee the quality of service on offer, every tour (including guided tours) and rental is planned and customised to meet the client’s requirements and those of the end customers.

Whichever tour is selected, Bici & Baci ensures that it will be carried out safely, thanks to specific third-party liability insurance policies, the free hire of helmets and the use of directly appointed, skilled drivers who have a proven track record and can engage fully with customers.

For those who prefer to ride around Rome themselves, Bici & Baci offers an extensive array of automatic Vespas and scooters that are given a daily safety check by the in-house technical team.

The new “street art” Vespas, featuring artwork from some of the most celebrated Italian street artists, offer a unique, unconventional experience for art-loving customers who want to make a splash in the Eternal City.

If you want to offer your customers an unforgettable experience… contact us!.

Tours on vintage Vespas and in vintage Fiat 500s
(Vintage tour)
These are driver/rider-led tours in which the customers participate as passengers. The duration depends on the chosen route and the number and length of the stop-offs. The tours begin and end in the agreed locations, with no additional charges. Various models of Vespas are used, including some very rare vehicles dating from the 1950s and ‘60s that have been awarded the Targa Oro, an identification certificate issued by the ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano), which guarantees their authenticity and the compliance of all of the components to the original designs. The Fiat 500s on offer are all vintage models, including those with electrically powered engines, which can access the restricted-traffic areas even at those times when petrol and diesel driven vehicles are banned.
Tours on bicycles and e-bikes
On these tours, it is the customers who are in control of the vehicles. The duration and difficulty of the route are decided together with the customer.
Tours on automatic Vespa
On these tours, it is the customers who are in control of the vehicles. It is important that the customer is a confident rider and holds the appropriate licence. The duration depends on the chosen route and the number and length of the stop-offs.
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